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On Time

Time is one of the greatest gifts we can offer someone; a gift that cannot be reclaimed after it has been given. Time is a gift that is gifted to us in order for us to be able to gift it to someone else.

One of my greatest relational pet peeves is the notion of "busyness." Many mistake busyness for importantness or successfulness. It is not. We need to stop making it such.The bottom line is this: your busyness is a choice. You choose what/who you are "busy" for and what "doesn't fit" in your time budget. It is that simple.

If you care for something, you offer it time. Whether it is a child, any relationship, a pet, a plant, or yourself--you give it time. Time is love.

I conducted a study on the content of children's gratitude across 100 10-year-old children (Bilias-Lolis, et. al, The Gratitude Project)) and found that the one common thread across child entries was their gratefulness for time spent doing something with someone they cared for--time and togetherness--indicated as #1 across the board. Not technology. Not toys. Time. Time doing something with someone they loved.

Time is love. Let's not mistake it for otherwise.

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