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On Heart Communications

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

As a society we are so tuned in to the communication of our devices, our agendas, and our written and oral verbiage that we often lose the ability to channel one of the most powerful communication enterprises of all—the heart’s communication.

So, let’s begin with one simple reflection question:

· With whom does your heart communicate?

Heart communications are not purely verbal although they can be expressed through words. With matters of the heart, words are merely the primer, the vehicle, the vessel. A heart communication is less about the content of WHAT is being communicated and more about the dynamic understanding, easiness, and synergistic bliss exchanged when two hearts connect.

When I recall some of the most significant, most life-altering, most defining relationships of my lifetime, I find that they have one thing in common: our hearts locked.

These relationships have taken all forms- romantic, familial, friendships, collegial, etc. Their form has mattered far less than my knowing that I was in the presence of someone who leveled me, understood me, and embraced me to the core of my being. It is in the presence of these individuals I feel most at home, most connected, most valued, most seen, and most myself. And when I leave the company of such individuals, their power lingers on stroking my heart for days, months, even years to come. True story X 100.

So, friends, I guess my hope in writing this brief piece this Monday afternoon is that it makes you think of the individuals in your life who communicate with your heart. Call on them. Channel them. Give yourself a dose of their presence and company (physical or through memory) in order to experience love at its fundamental core--seamless, effortless, boundless, and purely penetrating.

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