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On Connection

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

With every word, behavior, or action we either turn toward another person in connection and harmony or we turn away from them in disconnection and disunity. This is so regardless of how small or large our words or actions may be—we either move towards or away.

We many times forget this simple equation when we deal with loved ones, colleagues, or others we care for in our communities. Are we moving towards one another in connection or moving away from each other in brokenness?

If our goal is to move towards those we love and care for in connection, then we need to act in a way that lends the message of love and repair. This is not always easy to do—especially if we are disappointed or angry with them. Isolation/loneliness is actually worse for your physical health than smoking cigarettes. Google it. It’s true.

Every time we choose to disconnect we in essence push someone towards isolation.So friends, choose to connect.

If we all worked a little more closely at connecting, we could transform the world.

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