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Educational Psychologist Socio-Emotional Learning Expert Child Wellness Advocate : Welcome
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Evelyn Bilias Lolis, PhD

I am an academic, researcher, writer, educational psychologist, child mental health advocate, modern woman, seasoned (car) DJ, and mom. My work integrates all facets of who I am and encourages others to do the same! Too often society forces us to be boxed into a certain role at the cost of the many interests, talents, abilities, and idiosyncrasies that truly define us and add dimension to our lives. We are more than any role we are called to serve.  If we lose sight of this, we lose sight of the richness that is us. 

I publish and present about relationships, gratitude, wellness, connectedness, positive psychology, and the promotion of compassionate learning and home environments that enable children to thrive!

I have kept one foot in the academic arena and the other foot in the clinical/educational field in order to translate, with expertise and compassionate delivery, findings of psychological research to those who will benefit from it most--our children, our families, and our community.

Explore the rest of my site to learn more about what I have to offer-- from free resources and writings to direct services. My professional services target children, parents, and school communities.  I offer progressive and innovative packages for working with you to achieve the most potent outcomes for your child, home, school, or community.  I do this with tremendous heart and immense gratitude.  

Please feel free to reach out today.


Dr. Evelyn

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Educational Psychologist Socio-Emotional Learning Expert Child Wellness Advocate : Services
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Unlocking Confidence, Creativity, and Growth Potential

Children, like adults, often need to be guided to intentionally harness the strength, potential, and creativity that lives deep within them.  Modern society frequently narrows the scope of our children's ability to access and celebrate the powerful gifts that are often subsumed in performance. Through psychoeducation, socioemotional learning techniques (SEL), and evidence-based interventions (EBIs), I can help your child boldly embrace the very characteristics and tools psychological science tells us promote psychoeducational wellbeing and development.

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Deepening Connection through Compassion for Self & Child

My services offer an integrated approach to strengthening behavior, self-esteem, self-concept, and self-efficacy in children. My approach is rooted in fostering compassionate understanding in at home and in school so that your child feels perpetually supported and hopeful. This anchor then creates the opportunity for a healthy exploration of the world and meaningful engagement within it.  

1-1 Consultations, Parenting Workshops, Community Seminars



Engaging the Forces that Bind

I have spent the duration of my clinical and educational career binding forces that strengthen child development, learning, and the health of our children in schools. I am a scholar-practioner, meaning that I actively conduct studies on current matters in the field and then use the insights gained to inform clinical practice.  It is in this research to practice loop that I find meaning in my work as a clinician and scientist.



Translating Research to Best Practice in the Schools

Expertise in psychoeducational assessment, positive psychological practices, advanced school climate, MTSS, school connectedness, learning disabilities, behavioral assessment, child mental health and more.  Inquire for a customized talk, development opportunity, or a tailored school-based coaching/consultation package.

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Wellness, Productivity, Burnout Prevention, Mind-Body Heath Seminars

Corporations benefit from independent seminars that focus on wellness promotion, work-life balance, burnout prevention, and workshops that appeal to the mind-body health of their employees and executives.  I translate the science of well-being into accessible bites for bolstering the well-being of the integrated professional.  I have worked with international investment firms, large school districts, as well as private boards and foundations.  Please reach out for a consultation and the co-constructing of a seminar or seminar series that speaks to the culture of your organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of services, simply get in touch.


Fairfield County CT

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Broad Based Service Delivery

On-Site Consultations

Zoom Consultations




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